Roll, Stretch, & Strengthen - Alleviating Lower Back Pain
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Roll, Stretch, & Strengthen - Alleviating Lower Back Pain

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Do you experience chronic low back pain? 

Sitting for long periods of time at our desks, and in the car, promotes imbalances in muscular length and strength.

We may suffer from Lower Crossed Syndrome, which is the weakening and lengthening of the abdominals and gluteals and a tightening and shortening of the hip flexors and lower back muscles.

Namaste Yoga Teacher Training
Mar 25

Namaste Yoga Teacher Training

  • Namaste Yoga

At Namaste, we train you to enhance you own authentic voice. We'll show you the principles of a sound vinyasa flow, as well as yoga philosophy, teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology, meditation and breathing techniques. As you learn, you will participate in the yogic method of self-study (svadhyaya), which helps you get the the heart of who you are. You'll connect with your own reasons for wanting to share the gift of yoga. This knowledge leads to transformative experiences that will inform your personal practice as well as your teaching practice.