Essential Hatha Yoga

Essential classes emphasize foundations—essential yoga principles that free the body and mind from habitual patterns and tension. In these classes, all students—even the most seasoned—can be challenged and can find inner balance and peace.


Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a practice of dynamic, flowing sequences that are designed to increase strength, flexibility, endurance and focus. It is an energetic practice that creates heat in the body. The room is heated for these classes. Some pose knowledge is helpful due to the faster pace, but all are welcome.


Energetic Flow Yoga

Energetic Flow is affectionately referred to as Vinyasa Lite. It's the perfect class to attend if you would like to try a flow class, or flow a little bit slower than in vinyasa. Standing postures and sun salutations are emphasized. You will slowly develop heat, focus and strength.


Gentle Yoga

Gentle classes are designed for everyone. They restore balance in a gentle, meditative way. These classes are ideal for those who want to move slowly. 

Slow Flow Yoga

Slow Flow is a challenging class that moves you through postures slowly and mindfully. You will hold postures for a few breaths, fully savoring each pose. Slow Flow increases strength, and leaves you feeling grounded and centered. 


Yin Yoga

Yin is a slow, meditative yoga practice that helps you unravel deep-seated tension. In a yin class, you will be asked to hold postures for three to five minutes.  You will slowly soften into the poses at a pace that feels good for your body. The perfect compliment to more active practices.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga brings sensitive focus and gentle attention to the mother-to-be through breathing, physical relaxation, and strengthening. See more information here. 



EveryBody - Essentials

EveryBody - Essentials is an Essential all levels class that is inclusive of all body types and abilities. This class will marry a slow flow of yoga postures (asana) with the use of breath work (pranayama), and props, to make the asana accessible for your body. We will meditate during each class as well. We welcome all students to this class, especially those who have some hesitation about group classes. 



The New Student Pass

New to Namaste Yoga?

Try one month of Unlimited Yoga for $49. If you like, pay for your first class ($15); then, add $34 within the next seven days to start your month of unlimited yoga.

There are no restrictions on the type or number of classes you take. New students only.

12 Class Pass

1 Year Exp. $165 ($13.75 per class)

24 Class Pass

1 Year Exp. $270  ($11.25 per class)

Seniors & Students Pass
(15% Off)*

12 Classes: $144 ($12 per class)

24 Classes: $230 ($9.50 per class)

*Valid ID Required

Prepaid Unlimited Yoga Pass

$125.00 per month

This is a preauthorized, monthly credit-card draft that covers 30-day increments of unlimited yoga. No timeframe commitment–--just let us know when you want to cancel the prepaid monthly draft. Fill out the pre-authorization form at the front desk.



College Students $65/month for 30-days of unlimited yoga. Valid student ID required.

We extend our $65/month special to all full-time college students, regardless of age. We also offer the College Student pass to students who work full-time and take part-time classes.


Happy Birthday! Come in during your birthday month and get 10% off a regularly priced 12- or 24-class package. This offer is not valid for walk-in prices or monthly prepaid students.


Walk-In Fees

Regular $15

Seniors (over 60) $13

6am Yoga (Tuesday - Friday) $6

Students with ID (Ages 13+) $13

Child (ages 12 & under with accompanying adult/guardian) $7

(Note: Children 13-17 must have an adult/guardian sign a waiver, and children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult/guardian for all classes).


gift certificates

Gift Certificates are always available. All major credit cards are accepted. Purchase a gift certificate here. 

You yourself are the teacher and the pupil; you are the Master; you are the guru; you are the leader; you are everything. And to understand is to transform what is. 

— Jiddu Krishnamurti